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A comprehensive booklet that tackles all the steps to get a blue card made by relocation experts guiding you through most of the problems that you will face.

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About The Booklet

Relocation is tough.

Adding to that the change required to fit in a new country and understand what you need to get done is even harder. When relocating to Germany we focus on tackling some of the most typical issues that you will have to deal with once you get here. From the regulatory part of sorting your documents to doing your taxes and finding a new place to call home. You will find a premium booklet and collection of free guides ready for you.

The booklet is organized chronologically so that you are able to fully understand the next steps. While working and reworking it, we understood that the bureaucratic approach that comprises Germany as a whole is very hard to navigate. Understandingly not everyone is equipped to handle it. 

As such this booklet is written in a simple language and in English, referring to the German documents and providing comments so that anyone is able to handle it. As always – we are not lawyers so this is not legal advice. This booklet is not to help you through any legal issues. 

On some of the cases when the documents are tough to be filled, we have also provided more than just comments, but also a simple how-to of the document.


Han on the “Settling in” Chapters

“An inexpensive informative booklet to help you navigate.”

Relocation agencies charge you a whole lot for just this information. The process is not that complicated and these guys made it simple for me. I also had some questions and they helped me as well.

This helped me get everything done, from the visa to actually the tips and tricks of getting an a cool apartment. 

I guess the most important part is just the collection of steps done together for me!


What’s inside


Preparing your documents

All the steps needed to prepare your documents for the visa interview


Before your arival

Relocate seamlessly with our arrival checklist on what you need to do.


Settling in and your residence card

Covering the key and important components of settling in.


Living Confortably as an expat

Bank accounts, phone contracts, gyms, taxes and much more.


Why this document

Relocation is tough. Changing and switching from what is normal for you is even harder. We, as the authors of this document have also been through it and on some of the cases made plenty of mistakes.

As this document has gone through a couple of eyes and reviews – we have also learned new things. So, the whole idea behind this document is to help you have a very good idea of the steps and the key failure points that can impact you through this complex process of relocating to Germany.

Another important factor of relocation is the hardships of change and adjustments – yet this document focuses on the regulatory part of it rather than the personal/psychological component. We will tackle the most general blue card visa, which is a visa for professionals which is the most likely visa that you would need if you need to actually move to Germany.

How to read this document

This document is organized in a timeline-based manner so that you can explore it thoroughly. This covers mainly the practical aspect of the relocation with the things that you need to take care of and the open items that you need to plan in advance.

On some of the cases when the documents are tough to be filled, we have also provided more than just comments, but also a simple how-to of the document.

The last point is the German wording. We know it is hard, but it is there to help you make that google search for more information if you need to. 

We have tried to add all those details that everyone has to go through. This is not a comprehensive listing though, and we are updating this all the time. If you think that you have an old version, reach us through our contact form, and with your purchase slip, we can easily provide you an update free of charge.



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Germany is a federal state. Which means different states have usually different rules and requirements. Most of the cases they only have different forms and the process is similar. While reading through the document you will see the notes that we are making on the different websites that you need to visit.  

Different cities handle things differently. Some places will send your residential card through mail, some others will not. The most important factor to be taken into account is that usually all cities have their own forms. Make sure to have the form of your city. For the purpose of this document, we will be using Frankfurt am Main as a city of reference as all of the authors have been through the process in this city.

Legal Notice (IANAL)


Apologies for the caps and the bolded exclamations but this is in no way legal advice. This document is a collection of organized tips to guide a normal person through the process. If your case is complicated and you are stuck through the process – please contact a licensed attorney in your area or in the specific area in Germany.