Relocating in Germany with a blue card


Relocation is tough.

Adding to that the change required to fit in a new country and understand what you need to get done is even harder. When relocating to Germany we focus on tackling some of the most typical issues that you will have to deal with once you get here. From the regulatory part of sorting your documents to doing your taxes and finding a new place to call home. You will find a premium booklet and collection of free guides ready for you.

The booklet is organized chronologically so that you are able to fully understand the next steps. While working and reworking it, we understood that the bureaucratic approach that comprises Germany as a whole is very hard to navigate. Understandingly not everyone is equipped to handle it.

As such this booklet is written in a simple language and in English, referring to the German documents and providing comments so that anyone is able to handle it. As always – we are not lawyers so this is not legal advice. This booklet is not to help you through any legal issues.



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