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Getting a Blue card in Germany

Getting a blue card in Germany can be a tedious process is you do not take into account all the necessary steps. The fact that you will be dealing with two of the most complex government bodies (German Embassy and the Foreigners Office) – adds an additional layer to everything.

Before you start reading – this article covers the key steps to be taken into account. If you want a full and detailed overview of all the steps, check out our fully comprehensive relocation guide to moving in Germany.

Here is what you will need:

A signed contract

Firstly, without trying to sound fairly obvious, you will need a signed contract with a German company. In the contract, you have to state a starting date, a title, and a gross annual salary. If you do not know what that is, check out this post about the bruto to netto calculation in Germany

Secondly, gefore you sign the contract, make sure to understand how the core things are handled. Starting from vacation days, salaries, your trial period (which should not exceed 6 months), and notice period.

Thirdly, as for 2020, the minimum salary requirements are 55,200 EUR GROSS ANNUAL. Quote Auswaertiges Amt. For shortage occupations (e.g. doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and developers) that salary is lower to 43,056 EUR GROSS ANNUAL. Quote Auswaertiges Amt.

A diploma and experience

Blue card visas are only available for professionals in a field. I.e quote: highly qualified third-country nationals to jobs in occupations where there is a shortage of qualified personnel or where a shortage is likely to arise in future.

Your diploma needs to match the requirements of the job somehow and it needs to be eligible. You can find all about eligibility here.

A VISA for a blue card in germany.

You will need a national Visa that you need to apply for in your local German embassy. The general process is the same, but different embassies have some minor adjustments. You should definitely check your local embassy.

That’s all! After you get the visa and you can move in Germany, you are able to apply for a blue card residence permit!


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