The best language schools in Frankfurt

The best language schools in Frankfurt

The best language schools in Frankfurt depends on your language learning capabilities, but here is a list of choices. In addition to the choices I will also focus on my strategy of learning German, based on my experience.

How to approach it

There are a couple of ways to learn German, and especially if you are working, following intensive classes can be a grind. For the most part, in any language school, you will be asked to perform a placement test. This test will determine what is your level. The international language levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 where A1 is a novice and C2 is close to a native speaker. Most of the language schools will divide a level into two parts, so you will have A1.1, A1.2, and so on.

Assuming that the readers of this page are newcomers in Germany, the introductory courses are the things that are the most interesting for you. On most of the placement tests, if you are a newcomer, A1.1 will be your most obvious choice.

Here is the trick though: Passing A1.1 is fairly easy if you do a bit of online work. Pick one of the free online language learning alternatives, and you will be golden. The best recommended one is Duolingo. Just play around 20 minutes per day and in 2-3 months you will be ready to take the other placement test: the A1.2. You will be saving yourself a couple of months worth of classes, some money and a whole lot of grinding.

To proceed further, especially for german, you will need classes. For those classes here are the best language schools in Frankfurt:

List of the Best language schools in Frankfurt

This ls a list coming from recommendations from friends and colleagues that have been in the same situation as you might have been

  1. Volkshochschule Frankfurt or VHS
  2. inLingua
  3. Zentrum für deutsche Sprache u. Kultur e.V.
  4. Goethe Institut
  5. Lingoda (online)

Best language schools in Frankfurt: Corona Update

As you are aware corona has pulled off a major impact on all the education-related topics. As such most of the language schools in Frankfurt have somewhat adjusted. These adjustments come with extended time frames for inquiries and long waiting times. Most of the classes are given online and to be brutally honest they are not that great as teachers are not very technologically keen.

I would highly recommend following pure online language schools during this period.

Have other issues settling in? Follow the Relocation tips in Frankfurt post listing that cover most of the things to take into account when you get here.


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